We do custom data base work on a client by client basis using 4th Dimension relational data base.

4D provides a host of features for not only standard cross-platform client / server and standalone systems, but quick to implement modern Internet solutions, including SOAP, Web 2.0, and Ajax.

We have a working relationship with Prairie Solutions, Inc to provide a full team approach for design, knowledge, and support.
Prairie Solutions, Inc

We do have a few products available:
  • Generic Report Engine

    Using 4D Open, connect to any 4D data base and generate reports similar to QuickReports. Future versions will use ODBC or SOAP and would be able to access many different data bases at the same time.

  • Server Sentry

    Be the first to know there is a problem. Problems, such as system crashes, bogus records, or specific circumstances or events can trigger a page, fax or phone call directly to you.

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    The 4th Dimension product line offers a full range of Mac OS and Windows products that can be used together to create a fully integrated, Web-enabled, cross-platform database development solution, or as individual components depending on the needs of your business. The complete product line includes tools for development, deployment, productivity, connectivity and Internet servers.