Data Base Solutions

We have been providing custom data base work on a client by client basis using the 4th Dimension relational data base engine... since 1987!

4D provides a host of features for not only standard cross-platform client / server and standalone systems, but quick to implement modern Internet solutions, including SOAP, Web 2.0, and Ajax.

Website Design

We use RapidWeaver to create our websites.

Award winning RapidWeaver brings a number of built in and optional features to web design. It allows quick to the web solutions with powerful features such as Blogs, Themes, Slide Shows, and Forms, and a host of optional plugins which provide modern web interface enhancements.

We have a great Getting Started package, which includes existing domain transfer, a new domain name (if needed), one year of hosting, software to get you started, and two hours of consultation. You can be "on the web" for a lot less than you think!

General Consulting

With over 20 years of experience with the Macintosh, we can provide excellent solutions for individuals or companies.

While we specialize in 4th Dimension data bases, Final Cut Pro video solutions, and RapidWeaver website creation, we have a very broad knowledge base of most Macintosh applications and systems.

From wires to monitor, we can provide overall and specific solutions for networks, backup strategies, hardware and software recommendations, and general computer consulting.

We like solving problems!